Caleb LePorte

Caleb LaPorte.

Caleb LePorte

Service Technician

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Caleb is a true problem solver. He loves tackling different projects, meeting new people, and exploring new areas. He enjoys relaxing on his days off with his wife Chondra and their son Everest. Pets are a big part of the family! They have two dogs (Lemmy and Pebbles) and three cats (Freddie, Roxy, and Otis). Caleb grew up in Toledo and now lives in Athens. He loves being out in nature. Fly fishing, hiking, and gardening are some of his favorite hobbies. He takes a lot of pride in continually growing on the job and learning new skills to help out our customers.

Gas Furnace Installation in Athens, OH 45701

“Our 40+ year old furnace died on a Wednesday and with cold temperatures forecasted for the weekend I was frantically looking for replacement options. By the end of Wednesday Ryan Tevis had come to my house, discussed my needs, took measurements and provided me multiple options that could be installed by Friday. I chose an option Wednesday night and the equipment was ordered Thursday. Friday morning Shawn and Caleb showed up and started removing the old equipment. By 11:30 am the new equipment had arrived and been brought over. By the end of the day my new furnace up and running and we had a comfortable weekend. Monday morning Shawn arrived and promptly installed the heat pump, cleaned up the work site and showed me how to run the fancy thermostat. Everyone was so knowledgeable, professional, friendly and worked great as a team. The entire install was done before other companies could even get me a quote and I could not be happier.”
- John D.