Heat Pump Repair in Athens, OH 45701

“Steve was great. Adrian was great! Tina was great.

Pricing for diagnostic was exorbitant. Only took Steve about 1/2 hour – price should be connected to amount of trouble shooting needed.

Pricing for installation was exorbitant. A simple fan replacement. Pricing should be tied to the amount of time and challenge to replace!

Love your people, not your pricing!”
- Steve D.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Athens, OH 45701

“Steve was fabulous.”

- Janet G.

Maintenance in Athens, OH 45701

“So easy to do business with this firm. All staff are knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. They excel in making your experience with them a perfect one.”

- Georgann P.

Gas Furnace Repair in Other, OH 45784

“The furnace was found to have had a gas leak, so I called AirClaws around 4:30 and I was a little worried since they close at 5 that I would have to wait until the next day. That was definitely not the case, Stephan showed up around 5:30 and had the leak found and fixed by 6:00. Would definitely recommend and will call again if any other issues were to arise. 10/10”

- Heather S.

General HVAC Repair in Athens, OH 54701

“Steve was friendly, professional, efficient and a great ambassador for Airclaws!”

- Steve D.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Athens, OH 45701

“Absolutely Top Notch- Kyle provided a maintenance check for my furnace. He was prompt, professional, courteous, and most importantly, an expert in the field.”

- MaryAnn W.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Glouster, OH 45732

“Kyle is very knowledgeable and informative about the work he does. He took the extra time to talk with us about the tankless units that are offered. He got to work doing our maintenance check, stayed focused and on task. Was very personable and kind during our visit.”

- Jessica B.

Heat Pump Repair in Millfield, OH 45761

“Danny did great showed us why we are having the trouble we are. Put in for us get quote for repair an for new system to be installed”

- Brad K.

Heat Pump, Furnace, Air Duct Installation in Vinton County, OH 45651

“Kyle was super knowledgeable and professional. Answered any questions I had, explained the process, and made it very simple.”

- Nicole M.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Athens, OH 45701

“I recently had an employee of AirClaws, Kyle Cunningham, come to my home for my yearly maintenance inspection. Kyle arrived on time and after introducing himself he went straight to work. After his inspection was completed, he gave me the good news that my heat pump/air conditioning system was in very good working condition. I really want to comment on the professionalism Kyle showed while he was here. I could tell from the minute he walked in the door that he truly cares about doing his job and doing it well. He was friendly, trustworthy, and I know he is an excellent employee and a wonderful father and husband. AirClaws should be very proud to have Kyle as their employee, his dedication and kindness shines through.”

- Sharon S.


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