Bryant UVCAP Carbon Air Purifier with UV.

Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality & Minimize Odors

Our Carbon Air Purifier with UV provides dual treatment technology through a carbon core and UV light to improve indoor air quality. It helps maintain a healthier home through air purification targeting the reduction of unwanted odors, volatile organic compounds, and common household gases from indoor air, while aiding in the reduction of microorganism, e.g., bacteria and viruses, growth on the evaporative coil, and release into recirculated indoor air.


  • Provides continuous treatment while your HVAC system is running so you can enjoy a healthier home.
  • The UV light aids in the reduction of microorganism, e.g., bacteria and viruses, growth on the cooling coil and release into the air.
  • The carbon core helps address the reduction of common, unwanted, and potentially harmful household gases and odors.
  • Reduces ozone in recirculated air.
  • Easy to maintain requiring replacement of the carbon core each year and UV bulb every 2-years.
  • Convenient light indication on ballast allows for validation of proper product operation.
  • Option to add an additional UV light for even greater surface coverage. 



  • Average Power Consumption 20 watts
  • Zero Ozone Emissions The Carbon Air Purifier with UV meets UL 2998 ensuring that this product has been tested and independently validated by a neutral third party for Zero Ozone Emissions – Measured Ozone Emissions from the Carbon Air Purifier with UV during use phase does not exceed 0.005 ppm as tested by UL 867.
  • Minimum Average Lamp Life 2 years